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Wild Child Dev Blog 2 – Homebrew Beasts

Nope, I can’t imagine a Dungeon’s & Dragons (DnD) app without homebrewablity.Being an absolute DnD noob, I found homebrewing and even frowned-upon meta-gaming behaviour fascinating. Homebrewing just made sense, it’s your game, your world, you build it from scratch, or tweak at something till it’s 2.0 worthy enough, for YOU. Sounds about right. I approachโ€ฆ

Wild Child Dev Blog 1: a pandemic baby backstory

Around the same time as our DND sessions took off, I was working on building my career profile as a mobile developer. So it was quite simple what happened next: I’m a coder, and like most coders, I write code to do things for me so that I don’t have to. So there you go,โ€ฆ


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