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About Amina

Hello and welcome to my inner ramblings abode!
I’m Amina Khalique, a S.T.E.M education specialist and computer programmer.

I am a writer, speaker, teacher and adventure seeker. Fueled by my passion for creativity, innovation and technology, my ambition lies in discovering new approaches to learning and education.

Teaching about the power of coding and how it affects learning at PWC Financial

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What is learning and more specifically “how” do we learn?
How can we make it better and more engaging? These are the type of questions that intrigue and excite me.

Our modern and constantly changing world has granted us abundant and instant access to a myriad of knowledge, however, the methods by which we acquire, utilize or comprehend knowledge have been equally unchanging in many of our classrooms and textbooks.

Computer Science transformed the way I look at the world and led me to become a student of life-long learning, regardless of the subject area. Now, as an experienced Director of Education for students of all ages, I hope to meet and assist leaders like myself, to create new and alternative learning experiences.