Hello and welcome to my inner ramblings abode!

Teaching about the power of coding and how it affects learning at PWC Financial
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I’m Amina and if you’re expecting me to check off stereotypical coder boxes… you’re in for a ride!

Though I’ve spent many summers hiding away and tinkering on yet another code baby, I’ve also spent summers chasing kids and teaching them that personifying computer bugs is the most satisfying way to solve them.

I’m also an entrepreneur who ran and managed my own indie game development company for two years with a solely online team consisting of 8 other people besides myself.

My love for colourful post-its spawn supremely useful and entertaining paper prototypes and I approach problem-solving like I approach Lego, with an unnerving passion to break something down to build it back up better!

Try not to be alarmed by my eyebrow twitches if I’m interrupted when my fingers are flying across the keyboard. I’m just passionate when I’m in the zone and view coding as an ultimate form of creativity.

I absolutely flourish in collaborative multi-skilled environments and love working with people who share my excitement, passion and acceptance for diversity in all forms.

I feel truly blessed by the unique lessons I’ve been taught by Game design and Teaching and as such; I’m always on the hunt to meet new people from different walks of life for fresh new perspectives and learning experiences.

If you’re interested in developing a sleek new app, game design, alternative education approaches or even dungeons and dragons, connect with me!

Project Management | App Development | Game Design | Team Building