Yep, I wear my nerdom on my sleeve

So I’m a big fan of spotting my kind of people out in public and these designs did a bang up job of being effective as fashionable conversation starters ๐Ÿ™‚

She Codes Things

Well you tell me, why wouldn’t I sashay around in this awesome expression of self? The clothing personification of #ilooklikeadeveloper โค I’m always excited to meet women in tech while being a literal beacon of diversity in male dominated work spaces. Let’s mix it up shall we? We belong here and can embrace and appreciate our cool differences together too!


Definitely a design born from openly admitting my love / hate relationship with code. Chances are, you’ve experienced some level of “AHHHHHH!” in your coding career. I wear this piece as a reminder to others and myself, that mental health and self care matters! Yes, even with those looming deadlines, lofty client expectations or plain ol’ comp sci conundrums