Wild Child (Android Mobile App)

Currently in development!

The Why?

Wild Child was born from a need.

As a freshie DND (Dungeons & Dragons) player, I thought it best to pick one of the hardest starting classes – A druid, obviously. As I dived into what made this class tick, I quickly started to realize that I was terrible at keeping up with the rules of Wild Shape and applying its concepts swiftly and accurately during play time.

It didn’t help that there were several interpretations out and about on how-to-druid – so I wanted to create a teaching application for newbie players like myself. Something that not only displayed all the stats you required for your choice making, but also how those stats were modified because of Wild Shape.

For anyone lost to DND jargon (this was me up until very recently). Druids are a character class type that you can role play. They are priests of the Old Faith, wielding powers of nature and adopting animal forms. For a quick run down of other available DND classes, clicky here this link.

Contemplating turning my creation process into a full dev blog series.
I feel like it would definitely be a useful teaching tool for others in concepts such as app design and coding best practices too. For now, let’s see what the future holds!

Potential Future Goals

Most, if not all of the development projects I’ve ever worked on have been private intellectual property, and rightly so. Once the base application for Wild Child is fully completed, I’m considering pushing it to the DND community as a fully open source project. It would be fantastic to create something that grows and changes with the needs of our DND player community.

Right now I’m kanban-ing all the tasks I come up with in this Trello Board to keep my requirements neat and tidy. Also looking to avoid my never ending developer scope creep nightmare.