Dailies (Android Mobile App)

The Why?

For the to-do-er list maker in you. There are 2 types of people in this world. People who makes lists and whittle through them and then people who makes lists and forget about them. We’ve probably all been guilty of the latter more than we care to admit.

Dailies is meant a reminder and inspiration tool for anyone who has difficulty accomplishing small daily goals or tasks. It was primarily created as an assistive tool to promote action based activity for those plagued by poor mental health.

Work in progress additions

  • Create a background tracker to show your progress with committing to created dailies.
    Like an analytics page to visualize your behavior with the daily goals you set yourself
  • Loading screen display animation with a randomized inspirational quote
  • Pre-recorded voice notes for additional inspiration when daily notification pops up. Option to auto play adjustable in settings
  • Simple thought dump tool to record current mood and feeling when completing a daily
  • Additional themes for app customization

Current App Screenshots