Hey I’m Amina and I’m a game dev from Toronto, Canada.

I’m the lead programmer at an independent game development company called Pointless Button Studios and have a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Ryerson University and a game design diploma from Toronto Film School. 

My humble beginnings as a programmer actually started in web development, from there I got hooked on native mobile application development (particularly BlackBerry and Android). Since then I’ve graduated and moved onto bigger, greater, more awesome things like diving into the realm of game making and founding my own start-up. Working as an indie developer has gifted with me some real cool bonus perks like project management ability, team leadership skills and social marketing know-how (Yep, I wear many hats).


I’m working towards releasing Prison Air as an official Steamworks Developer after getting Greenlit (Booya!) and have another game in production titled : Are We In This Together?  I guess it’s best to try and think of programming as my love, joy and creative springboard. When I’m not making games, you’ll find me playing epic RPG’s and funky platformers, reading way too many books, binge watching netflix or an anime and worshipping my  fluffball cat. Though I’ll admit – I frequent Game Jams for fun, but that’s not work right ? 🙂

Right now, I’m on the hunt for opportunities in the game industry and would love to chat with you!